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RF Control Robot

₹3,200.00 Regular Price
₹2,720.00Sale Price

Entire RF control Robot with all necessary components that will make the robot ready to Run.


This Robot combo includes

  1. 2x Arduino NANO ( Pre-Flashed Programming).
  2. 2-Wheel Robot Chasis.
  3. L298 Dual Channel Motor Driver.
  4. BO Motor Wheels.
  5. RF Transmitter & Receiver
  6. Joystick Module
  7. 9V Battery and Straps
  8. 5V Regulator
  9. Connecting Wires.
  10. Bread Board and proto pcb.
  11. LED
  • Description

    This Robot Comes with an Crystal Clear Instruction for the assembling of the robot.

    Instructions can be downlaoded from the datasheets center of the website here.